Thursday, April 28, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark - a delightful city

The only really busy place in Copenhagen

I don't normally use the word 'delightful' to describe anything, but Copenhagen is indeed just that. It's picturesque, not densely populated like Amsterdam, with a very laid back atmosphere - even more so than in Amsterdam.
Ian is chillin'

We took a roadtrip over the Easter holidays to visit our Danish friends, Ulla and Andreas. We had a 'delightful' time exploring the city, laying in the parks, eating traditional Danish foods and, of course, drinking some traditional Danish beers ;)  Ian was a great trooper, as usual, and maybe even learned some Danish along the way - 'tak' for thank you, and 'hi hi' for goodbye.

Tip to foodies out there: Copenhagen does boast the world's best restaurant now, Noma, beating out El Bulli in Spain.  Unfortunately, we did not have the pleasure of dining there, but maybe in the future ;-) 
cool modern angles
Check out more pics of our delightful trip to this delightful place!

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