Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic 22-25 February

Prague, what a beautiful city. When walking around its streets, you can almost imagine what it may have been like in the Middle Ages. It is sometimes called the "city of a hundred spires" and "the golden city". Indeed it is, as you will soon see from my many photos....the Christians, Austro-Hungarian empire, Jews, Nazis, and Communists have left their mark on the city which is quite evident when exploring it.

It is a very special place and I am looking forward to when I go back next (no plans yet but it will be in the not so distant future). My good friend, Ida, from my course in Leiden is now living there with her boyfriend who is also a good friend of mine and Arno's.

Arno and I drove there which took approximately 9 hours on the German highway and is by no means relaxing. The rest of the weekend was spent walking around the amazing, majestic capital city taking in all of the different, ornate architecture styles and colors. We visited many-a old-fashioned pubs and restaurants, which was great.

The pub culture is somewhat similar to what one would experience in the local pubs in Ireland. The locals are locals, going every night or a few nights a week at least, seats are automatically reserved for them, and there is likely to be some jovial singing. Not surprising once you discover that the original 'pilsner' beer is from the Czech Republic town of Plzen, which is nearby Prague.

To get just a hint of its raw splendor ( my photos hardly do it justice), see all of my photos here.

The map is just so you can orient yourself with where the Czech Republic is in relation to other European countries. It's considered to be a central European state ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Arno - (pronounced "ar-no")

1. He is my babe 2. He is of Dutch origin, approximately 5'11'', with gorgeous, wavy light brown hair 3. He is smart, talented, silly, ambitious, successful, funny, thoughtful and very romantic 4. He possesses the world's most beautiful smile and also the world's most amazing blue eyes that immediately brighten a room when he enters it
5. He has been dating Melissa Ruggles for almost one year 6. He and Melissa are incredibly happy together 7. Melissa wants Arno, and everyone else, to know that she loves him very deeply 8. He is the wind beneath her wings 9. She looks forward to seeing Arno every minute of everyday 10. Arno and Melissa will conquer the world together and live happily ever after.

I love you, Arno!!! We have so many things to look forward to together :o)