Friday, April 18, 2008

Before and After photos of our Apartment!!

Here is a link to photos of our apartment. There are lots of before photos and a few after photos. I need to take some more 'after' photos to do it justice.

Link to Apartment photos

We had to stucco several walls, sand all of them a lot, paint at least 2 coats on each, lay in our floor and stain the floor! We stained it a dark brown color, with a reddish hint in it.

Thanks to Jan, Arno's dad, for all of the help!!

Bedankt, Jan en Jose, voor jullie hulp en ondersteuning!!

We replaced 3 doors with arches to open up the apartment. They look great!

Here are some more to give you a taste:

We have since hung up a lot of pictures and things so it changes on a weekly basis almost! I will add more photos of the other rooms soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recent photos of my baby brother...

For recent photos of my baby brother (and other family members), click on this link:

You should be able to view them with no problem.

Here are some highlights of the collection: