Monday, January 22, 2007

If interested...

For my thesis, I am writing on reforms which have taken place in Brcko, a town in the northeastern part of Bosnia. Why? Well, I thought I'd provide you with a link to an article from 2005 which gives a background on the town and it's significance in Bosnia and in the Balkan region as a whole. Happy reading.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Amsterdam, Edam, and Zaanse Schaans

Last weekend, my American friend Kelly (who I met and lived with in London) and her fiancee, Steve, visited Arno and I in Amsterdam.
We walked around the city a lot, showed them the infamous red light district, visited a cute town outside of the city called Edam, and also visited an area with a few windmills, Zaanse Schaans. It was a really fun time!!! The majority of my photos are from Edam and the windmills. We had rare weather on those visits so the photos turned out quite well.

View the other photos here!

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year, and New Apartment

So, unlike past years when I've flown back to Europe for New Year's arriving on the morning of the 31st, I planned it a little better and arrived the morning of the 30th -- doing that definitely gave me time to get over some jet lag! Arno, three of his guy friends, and myself headed to a bar/club in the center of Amsterdam that had a Las Vegas themed party. They bought fun suits for the occasion, as you can see ;o) Happy 2007 to everyone!

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Below are photo
s of the apartment and surrounding area from where I am now living in Amsterdam. (Hint: name of the street is pronounced similar to 'rows-strat').

We are the 2nd floor up from the street level, the balcony with the green thing on it...

Christmas in the U.S. 19-29 December 2006

The Christmas season always seems to come and go so quickly...below are some photos (mostly of my baby brother, Jared because he is so adorable). Hope all of you enjoyed the unseasonably warm holidays!

Feeding Jared - we got along quite nicely!

My younger bro and my youngest bro

Amy, Jared and I

Jared playing and us with Vicki (stepmom's sister and her son, Matthew) looking at a world map!

Below is with my friend Ida (from my course in Leiden) who came down to DC from NJ with her boyfriend for a night to hang out!

The power girls of Bethesda/DC - Andrea, Kathleen, Maria, Sophia, myself, and Charlotte