Monday, October 10, 2005

Donate to the Red Cross, or whichever organization you prefer, to help victims of Katrina, Stan, or the catastrophic earthquake in Pakistan and India.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A night out with some fellow classmates...

Over the last few weeks, me and my classmates have enjoyed our fair share of "bonding." When we're not in class, studying, or writing papers, we are discussing our future careers in more social environments and pondering such profound things as elitism, the development of the EU and whether or not the nation-state is declining, and rational decision-making like, where to get the next beer for the lowest cost.

This past weekend was a celebratory weekend where the town of Leiden became c
ompletely anarchical involving parades, a carnival (rides that put American fair rides to shame, believe you me), music, dancing and partying in the streets (all ages). It was to celebrate the end of the Spanish siege of Leiden on 3 October, 1574 (read more about the history at All in all, a very fun and exhausting weekend.

My upcoming weekend and week include a couple of essays, a paper, and a trip to Rome with my boyfriend,
Marnix. We'll be meeting up with a couple of my friends there as well (Jess and Mo for those of you who know them).

Daniel, myself, and Pieter doing what we do best...thinking (what else?)

Here's Evelyn and Denis!

Yet another example of me not knowing how to use my camera properly in the dark, but nevertheless cool looking-- visually represents how one can sometimes feel in a crowded, smoky bar, with loud music feeling the effects of a few beers...