Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sailing around the Spanish Islands in the Mediterranean Sea

Sailing around the Spanish Islands in the Mediterranean Sea....yes, it was just as lovely as it sounds. As many of you know, Arno and I joined some of my friends on a week-long sailing trip which began on the Spanish island of Mallorca and continued to Ibiza, Dragonera, and past some other islands. My friend, Jaap (or Jack), is a certified captain and able to charter sailboats so, fortunately for myself and the others, we sailed a 45-footer called "All of Me" from Mallorca to Ibiza, around, and back. I absolutely loved it. The feeling of being on the open water and (sorry for the cliche) with the wind in your hair was simply amazing. We also got to see some dolphins swimming and jumping alongside the front of the boat! :o)

Arno, unfortunately, became seasick the first day and was actually the only one to become so the whole week (sorry, babe!). The rocking took a bit of time to get accustomed to but once we did, standing still no longer felt so normal! I remember going to dinner on one of the first nights and literally felt like I was dramatically swaying from left-right the entire time strange how the human body can adapt so easily to such different circumstances!

All-in-all it was wonderful and very relaxing. I got a nice tan and learned a little about sailing. I will definitely do it again! Thanks, Jaap!! ;)

Please enjoy the rest of my photos by clicking on this link
and, be forewarned, there are LOTS of the boat and of me and Arno!