Thursday, March 27, 2008

No new posts and photos yet, because...

..we still do not have internet at home!!!
We are on our 3rd attempt to get internet from the company here which has a monopoly on internet service provision in the Netherlands, which makes our situation all the more frustrating because we have no other provider to really turn to!!!

I mean, it's not a third world country or anything - the Netherlands has some of the fastest connections you can get and the most comprehensive coverage of many countries in the world - but the problems result from the fact that our address is a 'new' one in the system.
Regardless of this seemingly trivial fact, on the 3rd try, doesn't it seem they could cut some corners to get it to us quicker?!?!?! All they do is send you the items you need in the mail! No installation required on their part....
Ugh, until then, I'm afraid I can't make any new posts with lovely photos, but I promise to update as soon as possible!!!

In exciting travel news, I *may* get an opportunity to go on a field visit with MSF (cross your fingers), but otherwise we hope to travel somewhere for a weekend for our 2-year anniversary; we have a week at the beach in North Carolina in May for my brother's wedding; a week in southern France in a beautiful village on the Mediterranean coast near Monaco in July; and, a big trip somewhere in Asia or Africa in August/early fall!!! Yay!!!!!! :o)
In the midst of this all, I hope to celebrate the introduction of a beautiful baby sister into this world, also in July!
Good things are coming, that's for sure... :)